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Four Advantages of Fresh and Flavourful Frozen Ready Meals

As the new year kicks off, many of us are struggling to keep up with our busy schedules. We’re juggling a myriad of responsibilities like work, school, kids, pets, extra-murals, household chores, and bustling social lives, and sometimes the prospect of preparing nutritious and wholesome meals for the family can feel overwhelming. Happily, healthy frozen ready meals are one of the best ways to invest in your health and wellness and ensure that the whole family gets the nutrition they need to thrive.  


Kouks Kitchen is all about homemade, nourishing goodness. As a family business run by foodies with a passion for nutrition, we believe that frozen ready meals can be both terrifically tantalising and incredibly wholesome. We take the hassle out of weekly meals so that you can focus on what really matters – family time. 

When you opt for our dynamic range of frozen ready meals, you’ll enjoy these incredible benefits: 

  1. High-quality ingredients and nutritional value: We pride ourselves on using top-quality ingredients that feed the body and soul. Frozen food is sometimes mistaken for processed food, which is simply not the case. Our frozen ready meals are made with the highest quality fresh ingredients, and every meal is additive free to maximise overall health and wellness. The freezing process preserves the freshness of our meals, stopping molecular processes in their tracks to retain all the goodness.  
  1. Diversity of dishes and flavours: When you opt for our nourishing and tasty frozen ready meals, you’ll experience an abundant variety of ingredients and flavours. Search meals according to protein, meal type, and course. Categories include Red Meat, Fish, Chicken, Soup, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pizza, Kids, Sides, and Dessert. 
  1. Flexibility and ease: One of the greatest perks of ordering frozen ready meals from Kouks Kitchen is the flexibility factor. Order as many meals as you like without the stress of having to sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription or having to spend a certain amount. Order according to your budget and lifestyle for hassle-free, convenient sustenance. 
  1. Time and cost savings: An undeniable advantage of choosing ready meals is the considerable time and cost savings you’ll enjoy. With ever-growing inflation, grocery shopping is becoming increasingly expensive, especially for those living alone. Pre-made ready meals portion ingredients according to each meal, meaning that customers will no longer waste food or have to purchase more than they need. Moreover, clients experience significant time savings since they don’t have to plan menus, purchase ingredients, and prepare meals. 

Join the Kouks Kitchen Family and Experience World-Class Cuisine 

Lasagne Bolognes

 If you’re ready to treat your palette to an array of delicious meals, explore our menu and experience the world of quality frozen ready meals. When you join the Kouks Kitchen family and choose from our wide selection of wholesome ready meals, you’ll get 15% off your first order. Deliveries in Johannesburg and Pretoria are R80, and any delivery over R3000 is entirely free. Customers will also get a free chocolate mousse with every order – just a small way we like to show our appreciation and sweeten the deal! If you're ready to choose health, wellness, and nourishment, chat with us or order your meals today.