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It’s True! Healthy Frozen Meals are Good for You, and They’re Here to Stay

It’s True! Healthy Frozen Meals are Good for You, and They’re Here to Stay

Kouks Kitchen Ready Made Meals

In days gone by, frozen meals gained a bad reputation, incorrectly lumped together with junk food or fast food. Happily, knowledge is power, and that sentiment began to change, especially with the rise of the popularity of healthy frozen meals in many modern households.

Healthy frozen ready meals can add huge value and many nutritional benefits to your lifestyle. Not only can they ensure that you’re adding enough nutrients and balance to your diet, but they can also be beneficial for those looking to manage their portion control. These meals are a great idea for those who want to plan their weekly menu ahead and avoid that panicky feeling at the end of the day when you realise you haven’t thought about dinner (or done the grocery shopping yet). 

Science Proves It

Since healthy freezer meals are frozen as soon as they’re made, molecular processes and chemical changes in the food slow down, further preserving the freshness and quality of the food. This is corroborated by dietician and nutrition coach Gabrielle McGrath, who writes:

“Since fruits, vegetables, and other items are harvested at their peak ripeness and flash-frozen within hours of harvesting, in many instances, frozen foods contain more nutrients than their fresh counterparts that have travelled miles in a truck to your grocery store.”

Furthermore, a study that was presented at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo found that consumers who often ate healthy, frozen ready meals had higher intakes of essential nutrients like fibre, protein, and potassium.

Here at Kouks Kitchen, we’re passionate about high-grade ingredients, zero preservatives, and slow cooking to ensure optimal flavour. We offer a range of delicious and exciting ready meals so that dinner time never has to be a stressful or dull occasion. Whether you’re riding solo, looking for a healthy meal for the kids, or want to feed the entire family, we have options galore.

Explore Our Tantalising Range of Healthy Frozen Meals

Browse our exciting range of healthy frozen meals, available in the following categories:

  • Red meat (including hearty options like lasagne, moussaka, lamb curry, and beef ragu)
  • Chicken (including delicious butter chicken curry, roast chicken pie, and creamy chicken, spinach and broccoli penne)
  • Fish (a wholesome salmon pasta bake)
  • Soup (including butternut and spicy chorizo, creamy roasted cauliflower, and fiery red Thai chicken soup)
  • Low carb (including pumpkin cottage pie, chicken and tomato stew, and spicy, creamy chicken)
  • Vegetarian (including spinach and feta pie, lentil and veggie rice, and veggie cottage pie)
  • Vegan (including butter bean and veggie stew, rice-filled baked veggies, and smoked chickpea stew)
  • Pizza (including Margherita, Regina, and vegetarian gluten-free)
  • Kids (including mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken and apple balls, and pumpkin cottage pie)
  • Sides (including cardamom-infused basmati rice, green beans, herbed brown rice, and butternut mash)
  • Dessert (including delectable Belgian waffles, homemade ice cream, and chocolate tartlets)

For more information on our healthy frozen meals, send us a message, and we’ll gladly be in touch. Remember, all orders over R3000 get free delivery, and each and every order scores you a free chocolate mousse!