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Nutritional Freezer Meals for Kids – The Perfect Option for Lunch and Supper

Nutritional Freezer Meals for Kids – The Perfect Option for Lunch and Supper

Mac n Cheese Frozen Kids Meals

Back-to-school season brings with it a whole lot of admin. There are books to be covered, uniforms to be fitted, sports games and extra-murals to attend, and school runs to manage. Parents and guardians are supposed to juggle all of this while also running a home and managing their careers. We get it, it’s a lot!  Let the foodie family at Kouks Kitchen take away the hassle of having to worry about nutritional kids' lunches and suppers with our healthy freezer meal options.

Our freezer meals for kids are nutritious, wholesome, and perfectly balanced to ensure that your little ones are getting the best out of their diets. We serve a host of tasty meals for kids, including these popular options: 

  • Creamy mac 'n' cheese (with a healthy side of peas)
  • Beef cottage pie
  • Sticky chicken winglets (with a delicious side of broccoli mash)
  • Fish cakes (with a side of carrots and peas)
  • Chicken and apple balls (with a side of peas)
  • Spaghetti bolognaise

These freezer meals are ideal for kids on the go. Whether they need a quick bite between home time and sports practice or a tasty meal once they get home, Kouks Kitchen has you covered! Simply defrost the meal, pop it in the oven, and voila, dinner is served!

A Family-Run Business with a Passion for Wholesome Food

We believe that our core values should always be a part of your child’s mealtime. Our food guarantees your kid the best because we commit to delivering the following:

  • Nutrient-dense food: All our food is nutrient-dense, ensuring optimum health and value for the whole family. The freezing process actually slows molecular processes, meaning that food stays fresher for longer as the microbes in food become inactive whilst frozen.
  • Zero preservatives: Since we freeze our food when fresh, we don't have to add any preservatives to our meals. Nutritional goodness and flavour are locked in from the get-go to give your little one the sustenance they need.
  • A kaleidoscope of colour: We're also passionate about eating the rainbow here at Kouks Kitchen, and this means that all our meals are filled with wholesome, plant-based goodness too. Many of our kids' meals include healthy, tasty vegetable sides like broccoli mash, carrots, and peas to ensure that they're getting their five-a-day and then some!

Become a Part of the Kouks Kitchen Family

When you join the Kouks family, you'll get 15 % off your first order. Our home-style kitchen and wholesome meals provide that hearty, family food you've been searching for without the worry of having to prepare it all alone. Whether you want a couple of handy kids' meals for those extra busy days or a feast for the whole tribe, we have a meal for you!

All deliveries over R3000 are absolutely free, meaning that you can stock up your freezer for the month without having to factor in delivery costs! Browse our dynamic categories, including red meat, chicken, fish, low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, soups, sides, pizzas, and desserts, and join the Kouks Kitchen family today. For more information on our delicious freezer meals, get in touch with our team