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Our Frozen Meals Are Nutritional Powerhouses to be Enjoyed Anytime

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, frozen meals can be an absolute lifesaver but it’s worth knowing how frozen meals are made if you want to incorporate them into your diet.

For many, a frozen ready meal is a means to an end when they are in a hurry and need to put dinner on the table, but understanding what goes into your delicious frozen meals from Kouks Kitchen can be really helpful, especially when you want to prioritise your and your family’s healthy diet.

What Are Frozen Meals?

Frozen meals are any meal portions that have been pre-cooked, packaged, and then frozen before being sold, usually in retail. Their convenience and variety have made them extremely popular. It is an easy way to ensure you serve wholesome, nutritious meals every day and that your family consumes all the necessary food groups, like meat, veggies, and starch, without having to spend hours cooking. There are even speciality meals available for vegetarians, vegans and those with low-carb diets.

The Freezing Process and How Frozen Meals are Made

At Kouks Kitchen, we strictly adhere to the highest food safety standards and uphold public health officials’ guidelines to ensure our kitchen is hygienic and safe at all times. This is our first priority.

Once all the meals are prepped, they are divided into portions. These portions are then placed on a lined tray, which will be placed in a freezer for about two to three hours. 

Afterwards, the tray can be removed from the freezer and the food will be transferred to be packaged securely. These packages are then returned to the freezer until they need to be sent out for delivery; ready for you to heat and eat.

Frozen Food Can Pack a Mean Nutritional Punch

The days of classifying all ready meals as unhealthy are long-gone! Healthy and balanced frozen meals, like ours, can be enjoyed regularly as they are packed with all the necessary wholesome nutrition that your family needs. Studies have also shown that frozen vegetables and fruits are more nutritious than those that sit in your fridge for a period. Freezing stops some produce from degrading. As soon as veggies and fruits are harvested, they start decaying and losing nutritious value in the process. But, with freezing, these nutrients are retained better because the produce maintains its cellular integrity.

Not all food is or can be frozen, and it’s important to avoid those that are highly processed or contain high levels of sodium, sugar and saturated fats. You can rely on Kouks Kitchen to provide you with wholesome family meals containing whole grains, fibre and protein that do not contain harmful additives and trans fats and are low in sodium. Our frozen meals are beneficial because:

  • They lock in the foods’ nutritional value ensuring that no artificial preservatives need to be used.
  • They offer the ultimate convenience as they are at the ready when you need them.
  • They are more flavourful and delicious as the freezing process retains all their goodness.

If you would like to spoil yourself or your family or host a low-maintenance, delectable dinner party with delicious ready meals, then order today. You can even enjoy a free chocolate mousse with your order.