Delivering in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Free delivery with bulk order's. Free chocolate mousse with all orders.

As a family run business, generosity, quality, value & convenience drive our approach. We are proud to be South African & to us, community matters. We support our local economy & community & place value on helping where we can, whenever we can.

We come from a long line of people with food businesses, with a passion for cooking & specifically for sharing food. It’s a legacy of nourishment. What sets Kouks Kitchen apart is not that our food is delicious, homemade, prepared with quality ingredients, wholesome, artificial-additive free (which it is) – what makes us stand out is our passion! It’s our love for cooking & for feeding others that’s unique.

We want to share our love for food, our interpretation of it, our legacy, with you. Let our food nourish you like it does us. Let our meals offer you comfort when you need it, inspire you, celebrate with you, be a part of your everyday life – just like it does in our family.